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Guidelines for Authors

CERME deliberately and distinctively moves away from research presentations by individuals towards collaborative group work. Its main feature is the Thematic Working Group (TWG) whose members work together on a common research domain. TWGs will have about 13 hours over four days in which to meet and progress their work. Conference participants are expected to participate in just one TWG. In addition, there will be plenary activities and a poster session.

There will be 28 TWGs at CERME13. Details about the focus of each TWG, including their Call for Papers, can be accessed here. If you submit a paper or a poster proposal, you need to assign your contribution to one of these TWGs. If you are unsure about which group your paper/poster fits best, please indicate this in the “Additional Comments” field when submitting. The receiving TWG leader will consult with the co-leaders and the International Programme Committee (IPC) and, if necessary, forward it to another group, informing you about what has been done. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can contact the Chair of the IPC, Paul Drijvers (

Each participant can act as co-author in several contributions, but as presenting author (the underlined author name in the template) of only one paper or poster proposal.

All papers go through an open review process in which those who submit papers are asked to act as peer reviewers for other papers submitted to their TWG. Each prospective presenting author will be asked to review two papers. Poster proposals are reviewed by the TWG leaders and co-leaders.

After the conference, proceedings will be published, in which accepted and revised papers from each TWG are grouped together with an overview of the group's work. Acceptance of a paper or a poster in the TWG at the conference does not automatically guarantee publication in the post-conference proceedings; they need to be modified according to the specifications of the TWG leaders and the feedback received in the TWG. For the proceedings contributions, the aim is to be inclusive, and in the meanwhile ensure the quality of what is published in the name of the society, ERME. Only papers which were presented at the conference by at least one of the authors can be published in the conference proceedings. More details are given in the Guidelines for Reviewers and the Guidelines for TWG Leaders.

Collections of CERME papers from one or more TWGs may be published in books or special issues of scientific journals. The authors may also explore other publication alternatives for their papers, such as journal articles and book chapters, always indicating that a previous version was presented at CERME. The copyright of each paper rests with the authors, unless different provisions are made for publication with the authors’ agreement.

Writing your paper or poster proposal

For your convenience, and also to achieve a uniform appearance for all CERME13 papers, we provide a template for your document. The template is available to download from this web site. Please use this template to format your document and do not change the styles or margins given in the template. Notice that for posters, you do not need to write an abstract. When you start using your template you are advised to save a backup copy, delete the text in the template in which you write your paper, and save that document under a new name using the format AuthorName_TWGXX.doc.

The maximum length for a paper submission is eight pages, including references, figures and appendices. For a poster proposal, the maximum length is two pages. Submissions that do not follow the template in full, or exceed the length limitations will not enter the review process.

Your CERME13 contribution should be about research with a focus on mathematics education. It should be original and not have been published previously. To get an idea of the criteria for the quality of papers, please consult the Guidelines for Reviewers.

Submitting your paper or poster proposal

The CERME13 submission and review process will completely run through an electronic submission system called ConfTool. The authors submit the initial version of their paper or poster proposal to ConfTool both as a Word file (.doc or .docx) and a PDF file (.pdf). Please name your files using the format AuthorName_TWGXX.doc and AuthorName_TWGXX.pdf, respectively. The strict deadline for submission is February 15, 2023. After this date, submissions cannot enter the review process.

The paper and poster proposal review process

The TWG leaders will organize an internal peer review within their TWG through ConfTool according to the following timeline.

  • February 15, 2023: Submission deadline for papers and poster proposals
  • March 1, 2023: TWG leaders assign reviewers: two TWG participants for each paper, two TWG team members for each poster proposal
  • March 22, 2023: Reviewers submit their reviews
  • April 5, 2023: The TWG leader sends the decision and details of revisions requested to the authors
  • April 26, 2023: The authors submit a revised version with a description of the changes made
  • May 5, 2023: The TWG team takes the final decision and informs the authors
  • May 17, 2023: The authors upload the final version of their submission

If your poster proposal is accepted, then bring a hard copy of the poster to the conference. For the physical poster

  1. Ensure that the digital poster corresponds to A0 size.
  2. The poster must include a title, a short description of the research topic, the theoretical framework, the method, and, if possible, research results and implications based on the research results.
  3. Remember, a poster is a visual medium. We recommend using diagrams, tables, and pictures in posters. Please use big font sizes.

A rectangular board will be made available at the conference for the presentation of your poster.

ERME Paper and Poster Award

Young researchers (those who study in a Master or PhD Program or completed their doctoral study in 2020 or later) are encouraged to enter their paper that is accepted for the conference for the ERME Paper Award. To do so, please inform the Chair of the Paper Award Committee, Andreas Eichler through e-mail (, including the title of your paper that is accepted for the conference, the names of the authors, and the number of your TWG, by May 17, 2023. See for earlier laureates.

Authors are encouraged to enter their accepted poster for the ERME Poster Award. To do so, please inform the Chair of the Poster Award Committee, Ghislaine Gueudet through e-mail (, including the title of your poster, the names of the authors, and the number of your TWG, after acceptance of your poster, but before May 17, 2023. You must submit an electronic copy of your final poster (not the poster proposal) by June 24, 2023. See for earlier laureates.

The ERME Paper Award outline can be downloaded here, the ERME Poster Award outline can be downloaded here.

Any Questions?

Any questions about paper and poster proposals not covered in the Guidelines above may be directed to any TWG leader or co-leader.

The Guidelines for Authors can be downloaded here.

The Paper and Poster template can be downloaded here.