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YERME is happy to invite Early Career Researchers (PhD students, post-docs) in mathematics education who plan to attend CERME13 (Budapest, Hungary, 2023) to take part in the next pre-CERME13 event, to be held online, on 31 May 2023. Details can be downloaded here


The YERME-Day (for Young Researchers in ERME) will be held one day before the CERME13 congress. It will take place from July 9 to 10, 2023.
The YERME-Day programme provides an opportunity for participants to meet scholars in European Mathematics Education from different academic traditions. In addition, it constitutes an important opportunity for meeting and networking with young researchers from other countries, pursuing similar and not so similar research issues.
Participants may be master’s degree students, PhD students in mathematics education, post-docs with a recent PhD (obtained after February 2020) in mathematics education or researchers with a recent PhD in a closely connected discipline, aiming to take up research in mathematics education. 

Registration process

The online registration will be available from April 12 until May 31, 2023 via the CERME13 electronic submission system (ConfTool). Attendance at YERME-Day is free of charge, but to be accepted, applicants need to be registered for CERME13. 
In the registration form, applicants should indicate preferences about topics of the working group by ranking the five working groups offered according to their own interests.

In case the registrations on YERME-Day exceed the capacities, we will give priority to applicants, who (1) have never participated in a YERME-Day (the 2021 pre-YERME event is not applicable here), and (2) come from underrepresented countries of Europe.

Program Committee                                        Local Organising Committee 

Dorota Lembrér (Sweden)                              Zsuzsanna Jánvári (Hungary)
Dilan Şahin-Gür (Germany)                            Ildikó Bereczki (Hungary)
Eirini Geraniou (United Kingdom/Greece)      Csaba Csapodi  (Hungary)        


Sunday 9th
13:00-14:30    Arrival and registration for YERME-Day and CERME 
14:30-15:00    Opening ceremony for YERME-Day (includes introduction of candidates for election of YERME representative in ERME Board)
15:00-15:30    Introducing the WG leaders    
15:30-16:00    Coffee break
16:00-18:00    Working Groups: First choice (Participants are distributed in five groups. See abstracts below.)
from 18:30    Dinner with the ERME Board members and LOC

Monday 10th
09:00-11:00    Working Groups: Second choice (Participants are distributed in five groups. See abstracts below.)
11:00-11:30    Coffee break
11:30-12:30    Debate of candidates for the position of YERME representative in ERME Board
12:30-13:00    Closing Ceremony for YERME-Day